About Us

As parents, we juggle busy lives between work and family and sometimes we don’t have all the time and energy that our kids crave. So instead of nagging and prodding kids with questions why not try My Angel in a Box?

My Angel in a Box are magical angels who have been carefully selected for each child.  It is a playful early learning tool that can assist parents by providing them with some additional ideas and notes to engage with kids through “Playful Creative Positive parenting”. This means joining kids in their playful world. It allows your child to be the leader whilst simultaneously empowering them to make positive and caring choices as they nurture their own creativity and learning.

My Angel in a Box will allow you to be a rockstar parent whilst providing your child with the freedom to creatively believe, dream and succeed in producing a happy and confident child.

The magic begins the moment My Angel in a Box enters your home.They bring some light hearted fun for kids – subtly combined with a few positive, creative and playful scenarios – as they leave a note each time they arrive.  These notes have been tailored to cover 4 main areas – playful fun, emotional comfort and development, positive parenting and creative educational tasks.

Our inspirational family background

Hi my name is Natasha and I’m a proud mum of a gorgeous boy called Charlie my inspiration. Charlie has taught me so many things over the years especially how to parent playfully and effectively.

My Angel in Box arrived as an extension of our silly little elf called Dash.

See… Dash over the years developed a soft spot for the beautiful angel that arrived at Christmas. Over time… they fell in love and Charlie was very excited about this new friendship. Eventually, Dash and Angel got married and one day they had a little baby called “My Angel in a Box” who would take over Dash’s legacy for many years to come.

My Angel in a Box was determined to make his parents proud  – however he had his own ideas, that were a little different to his father Dash.

For starters he wanted be around all year. He played games with Charlie, listened to his stories and comforted him through many challenges times such as sleep issues, anxiety, bullying, moving house, friendships and understanding emotions. When Charlie misbehaved Angel taught him good manners and how to be the best version of himself . Charlie become super popular among everyone he crossed paths with and was the apple of his mother’s eye.

He helped Charlie with his handwriting, drawing, math, puzzles and other schooling matters –  his teachers were amazed.


It was only a matter of time that the Department of Angels was formed and decided to share My Angel in a Box with kids all around the world. For years, they have been training many boy and girl angels who are now ready to arrive at those special kids houses that have been carefully selected this year.  Are they your little ones?